The search has begun!

We are searching for 12 amazing speakers/performers for 15 minute speaker slots.

Speakers make our TEDx event. You are what the audience comes to see and listen to. 

Applications are now open for speakers for TEDxUoChester in February 2020.

Please bear in mind the theme “Dimensions of Diversity” when applying. This is a broad theme and is not just about diversity in the common sense of equality but includes diverse science, diverse arts, the diversity of business and how this may shape something, for example.

The deadline for speakers to apply is 30th September 2019.

Please complete the form below to apply to be a TEDx speaker. Before doing this, please take a look and familiarise yourself with the following key pieces of information and resources as per the requirements from 

  • No selling from the stage.

  • No political agendas.

  • No religious proselytizing (including new age beliefs).

  • Only good science.

A good talk is the sharing of an idea, a concept or a call to action. It is not a presentation of facts.

[PDF] Illustrated TEDx Speaker Guide -
[PDF] TEDx Content Guidelines -

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Please provide some narrative on the topic and focus of your talk. Don't worry if it's not fully formed, we're just interested in the essence of your idea.
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